Martin Luther: Pursuit of Truth

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Martin Luther: Pursuit of Truth

Postby Maureen » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:38 am

Spirit:  Martin Luther
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: July 18, 2016

My brethren, I am Martin Luther and I founded a reform movement and continue to reform within myself through the inflowing of God’s Love. It changes all perceptions, understandings of Truth. Yes, beloved souls, each of you carries your own beliefs. You have a perspective of the journey that you walk upon in your life and the life beyond. You take great pains to build these perspectives and understandings within yourselves, your minds. You hold them dear. You defend what it is that you think you know. You walk in the constructs of your mind creating your own realities. And I tell you, my friends, much of what you retain within your minds, these perspectives and understandings, these teachings, this collection, often from many different sources of what you call Truth is but a shadow of Truth. And you, my brethren, who come together to be close to God must realize that as you accomplish your soul’s desires in these efforts and prayers and longings to be close to God, that your thinking will change and that which is within your mind will harmonize with the Truth that lies within your souls. And this must be so, for when you receive the blessing of God’s Love within you, when you long for this to inflow into your souls, when you seek Truth, sincerely, and with the insight that comes within your souls you must allow the Truth that you perceive in this way to infuse every part of your being and to be expressed in your life as closely as you can manage in this difficult world. 

I thought when I was on Earth that I knew Truth. I fought for the Truth. I suffered for the Truth. And many followed me in my pursuit to bring reform to our church and to a degree I was successful. But I tell you much of what I understood in those days I now have released to allow the infusion of soul Truth, that which is within a deep knowing and understanding of God, the simple Truth of His Love, the wonderment of His creation, which indeed our dear brother Jesus led us to these realizations, the
Truth of the transformation of His Love, the Love of God. For Jesus brought the Christ spirit into the midst of mankind and taught how it is received. And whatever label you put upon this great miracle, this benediction upon your souls, it matters not, merely that you open your hearts and your souls to the Touch of God in this way, to know His Love, to receive this deep healing of your soul, to bask in this Light of God’s Presence, to be freed from the errors of your minds so that you may acknowledge the Truth that lies within your souls.

My dear brethren, your journeys are not so much a quest to understand the perceptions of those who have gone before you and their writings of Truth as they see it. No my brethren, your journey is to understand Truth in your relationship with God and in this you will find Truth. In this, you will know Truth. In this, you will truly understand. It is in an opening of the faculties of your souls, the perceptions of your souls, to have your eyes opened, your souls awakened, that great mind that lies within your soul, activated, that this will happen. And until you are willing to journey to that deep place within you, that place where you and God commune, that place of deep peace and wondrous Love, you will not truly know Truth, for the mind, the material mind, is incapable of knowing it in this way. 

The faculties of your mind shift and machinate as each word, each perception enters therein, adding to the collection of so much mindful understanding. I know it is a comfort to you to build within your minds a paradigm of Truth and it is only natural that you do so. But as I have spoken, do not rely upon this chimera of understanding for as you journey forward it will disappear and something else will emerge until you come to that point where you can trust the deep insights of your souls. Then you begin a true journey; then you begin to truly understand.

My beloved, beautiful friends, brothers and sisters all upon the journey of life, you will come to know deep and abiding Truth. It is inevitable upon your path as you continue to receive this great blessing of the Father’s Love, for with it comes the Spirit of Truth. With it comes many blessings, and the opening of your eyes is but one. 

Continue to pray for the Father’s Love. This key opens many doors. This blessing enlivens the faculties of which I speak and you my precious ones who seek Truth will find it and share it with many other souls in this world. God awaits your discoveries. God awaits the flowering of your souls so that you may be His true channels of Love and Truth in this world. All is given, my beloveds. All is given so that you may indeed accomplish these goals. God bless you. I am Martin Luther and I am glad to be with you this day to speak of Truth. May you find what it is that you are truly looking for and I will assist you in any way that I can in this noble pursuit. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.
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